3 Steps to Create Your Own T-shirt Prints!

Most people want to use custom creative t-shirts developed based on their own ideas and references, and do not intend to invest high amounts in this t-shirt creation process

Thinking of these needs, and in many others, 12Tees, a T-shirt factory (โรงงานผลิตเสื้อยืด, which is the term in Thai) has developed a Canva tutorial with all the necessary steps for you to create your own prints online and customize your products!


Canva is a platform for creating design parts with easy usability that provides great results for both professionals and lay users. With Canva, you develop prints and other images without needing any knowledge of image manipulation and editing software like Photoshop, Illustrator, or CorelDraw.

Let’s start?! Check out the step by step text demonstrating how easy it is to create your own prints using the Canva for creation, and our expertise for printing your prints on t-shirts!

STEP # 1 – Inspiration!

Whether you are a professional designer or not, in any creative process it is important to research references and inspirations to get your idea out of paper. These references can come from well-executed works, prints you enjoy, or another reference source that can help you develop translating exactly what you want to communicate!

STEP # 2 – Get to work!

Having defined the references and with the idea of your stamp in mind, it’s time to put the idea in the “paper” and develop the stamp that will become your personalized t-shirt!

As mentioned earlier, you will not need to use advanced editing software, or have experience to develop prints. Basically, what you need to create your gear is available within the Canva toolkit.

STEP # 3 – Creating your custom T-Shirt!

Finished the process of creating your prints with Canva, it’s time to turn all your creations into T-shirts without leaving your computer!