All You Need To Know About Chanderi Sarees

A lightweight textile with glossy shining texture, Chanderi Saree earned its nickname ‘woven air’ thanks to its high-quality yarns and translucency, which was the signature wardrobe for the women of ruling class around 13th century. The sheer intricacy and uniqueness of the textile have stolen the hearts of so many millions that even on this day. The sari shines bright with its patronizing royalty which once took its custody. With a mixture of history that spans from Indian mythology to Mughal reign, the disputed origin story of this gold-threaded and motif embroidered saree is not one but many, of which, the most probable one being in Madhya Pradesh. 

  • Historical Origin: The etymological origin of the name of this exotic garment derived from the city – with the same name as the saree, which once was famed across the globe for its skilled handlooms and their creative weaving tradition. Part of what now known as Ashok Nagar of Madhya Pradesh, the town rose to prominence during the 11th century due to its proximity to the ports of Malwa, Mewar, and Gujarat, linking trade routes through half of India. While some argued the origin of Chanderi in the Vedic period through the hands of Lord Khrishna’s cousin Shishupal, others strongly argued its mention in Maasir – I – Alamgir where Mughal emperor Aurangzeb ordered its widespread usage as Khilat – a ceremonial robe as a mark of honor. According to visitors in Marwar around the 18th century, this light-textured posh fabric found its place amidst the royal patronage. 

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  • Ornamentations: With the most distinct feature being the diverse usage of motifs embroidered as peacocks, celestial figures and artistic geometric mandalas. The most popular Chanderi sarees come in cotton silk portraying soft pastel hues with a broad gold striped lace that screams excellence and exuberance. Despite having wide varieties of designs and patterns, its simplistic yet elegant look exceeds all other embroidery works.

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  • Blouse Design: The most common white translucent Chanderi silk sarees are best suited with a silk contrast blouse of deeper contour finished off with pure georgette sleeves that have Resham imprinted along with fine intricate detailing. For sarees of deeper color, it is best paired with a complementary colored blouse of red laces around half sleeves that elevate the real beauty of the saree.    


  • Chanderi in Style: The glistening beauty of Chanderi silks is best matched with pearl jewel earrings, hand-carved bangles, and pendants with filigree gold necklaces which highlights the elegance that this fabric brings to the wearer. For Chanderi cotton which can be worn every day, Meenakari necklaces with matching light silver jewelry and some heels for footwear guarantee the glamour quotient of the fall of its drape. 


This handloom Chanderi saree is now becoming the most suitable choice of wardrobe for any weddings and parties, due to its delicate designs and artistic motifs that speak of long-lasting tradition and legacy of hand weaved clothes. After flooding the world market like tea, this transparent white silk sari is now celebrated in many traditional programs around the globe and loved by millions.