Alligator Gator Stainless Steel Hookah – Should I Buy This?

Planning to invest in Alligator Gator Stainless Steel Hookah? Want to make sure if you’re buying the right product? Well, we’ve got you covered. We are going to let you know everything about this product in detail. Read on to learn more about this hookah.


Featuring four 18.8 mm hose connections, the Alligator Gator hookah is made from high quality stainless steel to offer durability and performance. The silicone hose adapters have 18.8 mm cut and are attached to hose connections without a seal. However, users have a choice to use a normal adaptor with a conventional hose seal.

Alligator Gator Stainless Steel Hookah – Should I Buy This?

The carbon plate is fixed on the smoke column with an 18.8mm joint adapter. So, this alligator hookah can be expanded using a molasses catcher. It features a modern click lock and its dip tube is equipped with a screw-able diffuser. This hookah when paired with matching accessories such as chimney head set with strainer, a hose spring, silicone hose with mouthpiece and pliers delivers amazing performance. It’s now available to buy at at affordable rates.

What you get in the box?

The following items you get inside the box of Alligator Gator Stainless Steel Hookah: glass bowl in clear click lock, charcoal plate made of high quality stainless steel, smoke column and base made of steel, four adapters silicone hose, four stainless steel hose connections, stone head multi-hole, chimney head set, tube spring, coal tongs, LED, mouthpiece with plastic handle, silicone hose, keychain and hygiene mouthpiece.

Bottom Line 

Alligator Gator Stainless Steel Hookah is good for those wanting to have a hookah that is both attractive and durable. The presence of multiple hose options makes it an ideal choice for those wanting to enjoy hookah smoking with their friends and colleagues.

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