Are Eustoma Potted Plants?

With beautiful mouth-shaped petals and subtle to none fragrance, eustoma or lisianthus is adored by many. This native flower of Southern America is famous for its charm and beauty. After being introduced to Japan around the 1970s, this flower never loses its popularity in Asia. Eustoma has been used in various weddings, tea parties, and congratulatory events.

Eustoma Potted

Don’t mistake eustoma for roses. It is true at one glance they look strikingly similar, but they are different plants. Unlike the multi-layered petals, eustoma flowers’ petals are only up to double-layered. They also don’t smell as strong as roses. Their stems are around 40 cm with no thorns. It’s not hard to differentiate eustoma and its twin, roses. 

Everything Eustoma Requires to Grow

Eustoma is also known to be one of the best cut flowers. That’s why people have been cultivating eustoma for decades. Until today, people are still improving the cultivation of eustoma. Eustoma plants naturally grow in cool-breezed areas like highlands. Learning about how to properly take care of the plants and make sure to maintain the plants’ condition is all the effort needed to make the plants turned into beautiful blooms. 

Everything Eustoma Requires to Grow

Eustoma or lisianthus require fresh air, moist soil, and full natural light to grow. However, an excessive watering process is not needed as it would bring damage to the plants instead. Excessive watering could trigger fungus and other problems that would prevent eustoma from growing to its full potential. To assist their growth, watering once a day is enough. Remember to stop when the soil is moist enough, don’t let it turn damp or soggy.

Are Eustoma Potted Plants?

All the notes and details of the maintenance process make it is hard for a beginner to grow eustoma from seeds. However, it is possible to have eustoma as potted plants. The name “eustoma” is taken from ancient Greek words that mean “beautiful mouth”, referring to the shape of eustoma petals. Despite being popular for being high-end cut flowers, it is only recently they gained popularity as potted plants. Even though not as popular as other potted plants, choosing eustoma is something worth considering.

Eustoma Potted Plants

Usually, repotting process of eustoma plants is done in spring. It is not complicated to take care of the plants through a single growing season. But it’s harder to keep it alive for the long term. To properly maintain it, you need to provide everything needed. From the moist peat-based soil with drainage benefits to the watering process. Never let the soil be dehydrated but, don’t let the soil turned damp either. Let the soil dry during the frequent watering process as the plants improving their humidity. As garden plants, in certain areas, eustoma can be grown annually. 

Are Eustoma Indoor Plants or Outdoor Plants?

If you ever questioned about this matter, the answer is both. If you intend to take care of eustoma as indoor plants, make sure to place it in cool ventilated rooms where the plants are exposed to natural lights since eustoma demands warm lights for at least 6 hours a day. However, eustoma plants do not favor intense heat. So in summer, prevent overexposing them to harsh sunlight. For that reason, additional lightings are also needed, especially in winter. Don’t forget to add insecticide because insects like spiders, white mites, and aphids could interrupt eustoma growth. 

Are Eustoma Indoor Plants or Outdoor Plants

There are also some benefits to having indoor plants. The overall look of the room would be better because of indoor plants, in this case, eustoma. It is also believed that indoor plants could improve mood and increase creativity. Having a plant in the room could feel therapeutic. Due to that reason, people would have indoor plants to relieve stress and fatigue. Indoor plants help improve the air quality of the room as they absorb pollutants. 

Even though the maintenance process is quite complicated, all the steps and tips are necessary for a reason. And that is to keep the plants alive. While if you intend to plant them as outdoor potted plants, you have to pay attention to the weather and add fungicide once in a while. As long as you avoid all the factors that could harm eustoma plants, it is guaranteed the plants will bloom beautifully.

Color Variety of Eustoma Flowers

Eustoma flowers are known for having a variety of colors. Commonly you can find purple, pink, white, green, yellow, and white eustoma flowers. But these days more colors and varieties are becoming available, such as the color of champagne and soft yellow. 

Color Variety of Eustoma Flowers

With such a variety of colors, it allowed people to create various arrangements combinations. No wonder eustoma flowers are favored by florists and clients. The colors of eustoma petals make Eustoma flowers suitable as gifts for any occasion. Flower delivery Singapore offers various options for gifts and arrangements of the beautiful Texas Bluebells.

Each color also has different meanings. But despite having different meanings, eustoma flowers, in general, represent sincere love and appreciation.