Honda NSX 2015 Review – Specs & Features

The Honda NSX 2015 is the all-new concept that can surprise anyone wanting to invest a great supercar. Featuring elegant tail lights and aggressive front design, the NSX is designed with present day needs in mind. The floating C-Pillar gets air to feed the engine mounted in the center to increase the downforce. To facilitate the longitudinally-mounted TwinTurbo V6 engine and nine-speed DCT, the vehicle was widened (1 inch) and lengthened (3 inches) with an attractive design.


Everything is designed carefully after assessing the modern day needs. The vehicle has gone through a very strict supervision and testing to ensure that driver will enjoy a great driving experience on the road. What’s new in this car includes – optimized deck spoiler, modified air intakes and all-new front fender vents.

The next-gen NSX is designed very carefully to provide a thrilling sports car experience, ultimately maximizing the capabilities of driver. When it comes to engine specs, a DOHC V6 engine is employed to produce a whopping power. The new 9-speed DCT offers rev-matching downshifts and quick gear changes. The electric motor, fixed between the transmission and engine, supports braking, transmission shifting and acceleration. The front wheels are powered by Twin high-output Motors delivering instantaneous Torque Response.

The car employs its electric motors mounted at the front for dynamic Torque Vectoring to increase braking and acceleration performance. It features an advanced sport package including twin front motors, the mid-mounted engine, power control unit and sport hybrid battery pack. This combination is designed in a way that driver can feel a big surge in dynamic response.

Overall, the NSX is a great supercar from all aspects. It can really take your driving to the next new level.

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