Is a Proposal Planner an Added Value?

Some people think that planning a proposal is easy peasy… until they have to do it themselves. If you have difficulties and you really don’t think you can pull it off then perhaps it is better to ask for help from a proposal planner. Of course this is an expensive option but the end result will be worth it. But what exactly do they do?


What is a proposal planner

It is a professional event coordinator who will help you to arrange your proposal from A to Z or in part. A lot of women are proposal planners. This does not seem so strange because a planner must of course satisfy the wife-to-be and who knows women better than women themselves.

What does a proposal planner do?

First of all, an interview will take place so that the proposal planner knows clearly what the wishes of you and your wife-to-be are. The expert will then create personalized and unique proposal ideas for your specific budget. They will suggest:

  • Marriage proposal ideas
  • Locations
  • Hire photographers
  • Create romantic setups
  • Help to choose the engagement ring

Generally it takes 3 to 4 months to plan a proposal so don’t hire a proposal planner one week before you want to propose!

What’s the price?

It all depends on how much help you need. Most proposal planners offer simple consultation services for about $100. But that is just the starting amount, and it will keep rising as you need more help with your concept. In general, you can expect a budget between $5,000 and $50,000.

To give you an idea: a planner will set up a romantic little picnic in the park for about $400. Not a fan of picnics, maybe you would rather ask the big question under the moonlight in the garden full of candles. That will be about $500. But if you want it bigger, such as a flash mob, the amount will shoot up and it will be around $1,500.

Don’t overlook that you will not only have to pay the proposal planner, but also the location and other special things you will need to make your perfect proposal.

Reasons why you should work with a proposal planner

  • Maintain your budget

Of course you have to pay for their services but they can very well stay within a certain budget. If you say $5,000, they will not go over it easily. Instead of spending a lot of money on a venue, maybe they can find something for free. Then you can focus your budget on decor and a photographer.

  • Take the stress away

If you decide to work with a proposal planner, you can be almost 100% sure that your proposal will be a great success and you will have to do almost nothing. So you can rest easy.

  • New creative ideas

Some are less creative than others and it can sometimes be a challenge to come up with a creative proposal. That’s when a proposal planner can inspire you by suggesting new ideas.

Don’t forget when you choose to work with a proposal planner that this is your moment and one that you both must like not one designed to get thousant likes on social media.