Simple Care To Keep Your Face Skin Always Beautiful And Healthy

  1. Always use sunscreen

Always use, even if the sun doesn’t give the air of grace. And not just in the face. Hands, neck and neck also suffer the ill effects caused by UVA rays. Get spa gift certificates Manhattan and enjoy facial in Manhattan and other treatments together with friends. The rays penetrate the dermis, break the fibers and destroy the elastin. Then the skin becomes flabby and gets older.

Simple Care To Keep Your Face Skin Always Beautiful And Healthy

  1. Do not stop hydrating

From head to toe and all year long. During the summer, opt for products that have agents that can block water loss and prevent the entry of infectious agents. The air removal creams also dry the skin, so choose laser hair removal Manhattan.

  1. Exfoliate to renew

The procedure eliminates dead cells and removes impurities that clog the pores. This facilitates the penetration of the treatment creams, making them more efficient. If you are prone to blackheads and pimples, this powerful cleansing is even better. Check out cheap spa packages in Manhattan for exfoliation spa treatments.

  1. Bet on facial cleansing

Few women use a specific soap. It’s wrong. Body care products are often abrasive and may dry out, so they are not suitable for the most delicate face skin. As the idea is to avoid dryness, choose soaps – bar or liquid – suitable for the face.

  1. Caring day and night

Bet on the dual sunscreen and moisturizer to take care of the face. Before bed, use anti-aging cream with retinoic acid. In the absence of the most suitable product for the period, is it okay to use one or the other? Not! It is harmful to apply a sunscreen cream at night or one that contains retinol and vitamin A derivatives during the day. In the first case, besides the zero benefit, the pores clog.