Some Reasons Not to Repair a Damaged Garage Door

Although you may be tempted to fix your garage door yourself, there are many reasons why you should leave it to the professionals. Attempting to fix your garage door on your own can lead to serious injury if it is not done properly. It is important that you understand some of the risks that come with trying to fix your garage door.

If you are looking for a reason to call in a professional garage door repair Hampton VA contractor, take the time to read the following reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to fix your broken garage door yourself.


  1. You Can Overload The Garage Door’s Spring Or Chain Tensioners

The springs are the key component of your garage door mechanism. They are responsible for lifting up to 300 pounds of weight on a standard single car garage door. Therefore, they need to be handled with caution and knowledge by anyone attempting to repair them. The tension in your springs is responsible for lifting up the garage door, and overtightening them can lead to breakage.

  1. You Can Re-Align The Trolley Guide Causing Premature Wear And Breakage Of The Roller

The trolley guide is what the carriage runs along when it goes up or down the track. When the trolley guide is misaligned, it causes your garage door to not run smoothly or work at all. This situation can be easily corrected by a professional who will adjust it back into place.

  1. The Garage Door Does Not Run Smoothly or Stays Off Track

Garage doors are held up by moving parts which must function properly for your garage door to operate properly. If your garage door does not go up and down smoothly, you might be putting more strain on the motor and rollers which can lead to malfunction and breakage of these parts.

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