Things to Do in the Wedding Month

Timely planning and precise execution is the key to a smooth wedding function. Here are the important things you need to start doing a month before the wedding day.

If planned properly and timely, a wedding can be quite a smooth affair. Wedding planner and checklist are two very useful tools to make your special occasion smooth and enjoyable. Planning should start around 6-8 months before the event. However, the wedding month is the most important as it requires very precise planning and execution for a smooth event. Here, we will discuss the things you need to do in the wedding month.


From 4-1 Weeks before the Wedding Day

  • Make a final guest count and convey it to your caterer
  • Create a seating chart for the reception
  • Finalize the details with the photographer and the movie maker
  • Finalize the details with your florist and hall decorator
  • Finalize the details with your DJ about the music that is going to play on your wedding day
  • Arrange and finalize the place where your guests are going to stay. Arrange and finalize the transportation if required
  • Try the wedding dress and make sure that it does not require any further changes
  • Apply for the marriage license

The Wedding Week

  • Write the checks for vendors and organize them, and consider handing them over to a trusted person
  • Pick up your wedding dress if you haven’t done it already
  • Pick up your marriage license
  • Pack for your honeymoon and make reservations
  • Schedule hair and make appointment before rehearsal

The Wedding Day

  • Have at least eight-hour sleep and wake up refreshed
  • Go for a light walk or yoga
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Welcome guests and thank them for coming
  • Assign people to do the tasks that you cannot do yourself


Keep some extra time for every crucial activity, in case anything goes out of the plan and you need some extra time for it.