Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Solar Panel in Dubai

As more research is being applied in the market, multiple ways of generating electricity have been introduced. The old ways of generating electricity were way more expensive, however, it depends on the situation and geography of different countries. In Dubai, it feels like a land of eternal sunshine, with bright and scorching sun rays beating down on you.

However, it is not a disadvantage at all, as you have a gift of energy and you should make the most of it. Solar panels are a great option in the middle east to save the cost of your utility bills and also do some good for the environment. In Dubai, you can witness a lot of houses and villas installed with solar panels, like District One Villas Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence villas Dubai, and Emirates hills.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Solar Panel in Dubai

There are certain things that you must know about Dubai:


There are certain things made to generate electricity when sunlight falls on them. The solar panel is fitted with an inverter to convert this light and heat energy from the sun into electricity for your factory, apartment, or house. The excess energy can be stored to the battery of different sizes to provide the electricity later at night or in cloudy weather.


Solar panels have a different variation in degrees of efficiency. The measure of the panel can simply be done by the electricity output in terms of a watt to the surface area. Commonly, the higher efficiency provides more power and energy, and it is also possible to have lower installation cost.

If you have bigger roof space then it will be more intelligent to install the cheaper panels with lower efficiency, just install more of them to get the required power. It may sound surprising to you, though, these panels are meant to be fitted on the roof to contact with direct sunlight, but the efficiency of these panels becomes lesser when they get warmer, still they have good temperature tolerance. Therefore, it is the best choice for you if you are in Dubai. This is why it is said to install the panels properly to enhance the efficiency and life of them, as they should be installed in such a way that it allows air to pass below it, keeping them cooler.


One out of many other benefits of the solar panel is they come usually with a 25 years warranty, but there is one point that you should need to consider that these solar panels might run long, but it is the inverter that needs to run to convert the energy into the sunlight, so it needs to run along with the solar panel.

Hence, you need to do the calculations right, as you need to put this thing in your consideration, that you will be spending the money on the maintenance of these things throughout the life of the solar panel. There are different companies of solar panels with installation services, the rough idea about the Sunny boy 8000 is that it will last for at least 10 to 15 years, and a new one can cost around AED 10,000.

Another thing you need to consider is about the place you are planning to install these solar panels, as the roof of your house doesn’t usually last that long. The solar panel may have a longer life than your roof. Even if you have any problem at your roof, like work of renovation or leaking problem, then you have to deal with the solar panel first.

There is another that you might look for while installing the system, that is who is going to look after the setup, make sure that the company provides the long term service, so you don’t have to be dependant on the services of someone else, and you can always go back to the company to follow up if there is any problem.

Electricity is indeed a problem in many countries, but in the UAE it is not an issue, but of course, who don’t like implementing new researches and cutting the costs for the better good. The solar panel is quite normal in Dubai, especially in the areas of Port De La Mer Dubai and Downtown city. There is some consideration that you should look for before buying a solar panel.