Two Sisters Facing Grim Accusations in Mumbai

Poonam Bhagat, a top of the line Art Patron is facing severe criminal charges. These charges are filed by none else than her husband of 11 years, Jaidev Shroff. Jaidev, who is the Executive Director of United Phosphorus filed for divorce on April 4, 2016. In his statement, Jaidev said that Poonam has been cruel towards him and his two daughters from previous marriage.

Jaidev made other severe allegations against his wife saying that she has been using black magic on him and even gave him a magic potion. This act was not only shows her poor morals but it’s a violation of Section 328 of the Indian Penal Code.

This seemed like a ridiculous claim at first. It sure fueled some articles and press conferences but Jaidev put an end to the madness. He submitted rock solid evidence in the court. He submitted an audio and video of Poonam talking to a Magician who is believed to be the one providing her with the magic potion.  He submitted all this evidence at the first hearing and even pledged the jury to ban his wife from ever entering their home in Pali Hill ever again.


The Story doesn’t end here. Poonam has another case filed against her, this time it’s from Kishore Chandiramani, he is the Director of UPL and he filed against her accusing Poonam of Criminal break in trust for handling a Four Crore Project.

Poonam’s sister is also facing a lawsuit filed against her. She is involved in a fraud which sums up to 100 crores. The breach was made in nowhere else than her husband’s company and she, along with her sister too faces grim charges. Both of the sisters have severe allegations and even their mother was called in the court to give her statement.