Your Guide to 2022 Top Fashion Trends

The beginning of a new year always signifies a chance for a new beginning, new goals, and new intentions. For a lot of people, it means making a change to improve lifestyle or appearance. If updating your style is at the top of your list for 2022, these are the top fashion trends to consider.

Embracing Colors

The one thing about 2022 fashion trends is that they were created to be mood lifters. And nothing beats bright colors when it comes to expressing joy and other positive emotions. Red and yellow, pink and purple, green and blue are all perfect for brightening up your wardrobe and bringing more color into your life.


Integrating color into your wardrobe does not mean going over the top and getting an entire rainbow-hued wardrobe. There are some easy ways to mix color into your outfits in a way that will leave you feeling comfortable in your own skin.

One of the options to keep your outfits feeling “you” is to opt for a classic cut in a bright hue. Some of the items to look for are classic T-shirts, dress shirts and heeled pumps in fun colors. The timeless design of such items will ensure that you never look loud but have nevertheless successfully added a vibrant touch to your outfit.

Environmentally Conscious Shopping

Even though fast fashion is far from out of the picture, the sustainable fashion is becoming more prominent with each passing day. There is less and less tolerance left for unethical practices and garments that won’t stand the test of time.

Environmentally conscious shopping means choosing high-quality items made from fine fabrics that also ensure the preservation of our environment. It is all about choosing quality instead of quantity. After all, high-quality items that look better and last longer are a far better investment, and a better choice for the environment, than a whole bunch of cheap stuff.

Focus on Details

Paying attention to details is closely related to environmentally conscious shopping but it is also about standing out and expressing one’s sense of style. The important details include fine, textured fabrics, embellishments, bold prints, and fringes.

Another detail to watch out for are the cut-outs that make showing off varying degrees of skin an option. Designers have found countless ways to cut and slash their garments to expose the skin underneath for sensuality. But less is still more, and as revealing as a cut-out may be, it’s how it doesn’t reveal that counts.

Going Androgynous

Experimenting with the androgynous look has been in vogue for quite some time and the popularity of this style continues to be on the rise in 2022. For women this style is about ditching the dresses and high heels for dress shirts and suits that look chic and are often more comfortable to wear.

Androgynous fashion is not about women swapping clothes with men and walking around in drab, loose-fitting clothing as people often assume. The secret is in blending the typical elements of masculine style into the outfit while making sure that these items are designed to flatter the female figure. For instance, a properly fitted white button-up can immediately make an outfit look more masculine.


Fashion being cyclical, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that just two decades after its first appearance, the Y2K fashion is back in style. The 2000s were driven by pop culture and known for excess and ultra-consumerism. Y2K fashion is all about making a statement and turning heads.

If you want to bring some Y2K into your wardrobe, you need to think velour tracksuits, halter tops and low-rise jeans. And you should make sure you own at least one pink outfit.

Dressing Up

Lockdowns are hopefully behind us and as our lives start feeling relatively normal, there is a definite return to dressed-up elegance. It is time to say goodbye to loungewear as outdoor clothing and get enthusiastic about planning dressier outfits for the upcoming months.


One of the essential items to add to your work wardrobe is a business shirt that makes you look like you are ready to take on the world. A well-made shirt adds power and confidence to your look and is a versatile piece that can be layered and swapped endlessly.

Remember, Fashion Trends Are Not Absolute

Long gone are the days when fashion trends were a hard-and-fast set of rules. The aim of this guide, therefore, is not to present a single, “one-size-fits-all” approach to fashion and style. Rather, it is a list of ideas and suggestions to be accommodated into your personal style as you deem fit.

At the end of the day the key to looking stunning isn’t following the latest fashion trends but about feeling good about yourself and what you wear.